3 Reasons to Choose a Reputable Career College Over a Traditional 4-Year Education

3 Reasons to Choose a Reputable Career College Over a Traditional 4-Year Education

If you want a job, you must have the right credentials. This is the main reason why people choose to further their education. The question then becomes: what type of education should you pursue to have the career you want?

Often, people believe that in order to get a good paying job they have to earn a traditional 4-year education. This is simply untrue. Let’s take some time to talk about the main reasons why a career college may be a much better option for you.

What is a Career College?

Before we discuss the reasons why you should choose a career college over a traditional 4-year education, it’s important to understand what a career college is. Career colleges, such as LA ORT, are designed to help students receive the educational and vocational skills necessary for employment in the shortest time possible. These students pursue career-specific training courses that prepare them to pass certification tests that are necessary for employment in growing fields.

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Save Time

Did you know that most students who pursue a 4-year education do not finish in 4 years? In fact, 1 in 3 students drop-out before earning their degree, and those who do finish their program take more than five years on average to earn a degree. That’s a lot of time to spend in classes before they even enter their career field – if they don’t drop out.

In contrast, a career college strives to provide students with a quality education in significantly less time so they can become employed sooner rather than later. Each class a career college student takes is geared to his or her career of choice rather than a broad range of related courses that may or may not be helpful in their future career.

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Save Money

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average total tuition, fees, room and board rates charged for full-time undergraduate students in degree-granting institutions for 2015-2016 was $22,432. Now, multiply that number by four plus years and you can estimate the cost of a traditional four-year education. It is no wonder students are amassing huge amounts of student loan debt.

However, students who attend career college save a significant amount of money. Not only do they take fewer classes, they also finish in less time. This means they are able to join the workforce and make money sooner than those who are encoring debt while striving to obtain a 4-year degree. As a non-profit organization, LA ORT’s quality educational programs are offered at affordable costs ensuring all students have access to the training they need for career success.

Earn Job-Specific Skills

A 4-year degree can help you gain employment; however, a career college is designed to help you gain employment with job-specific training and certification programs. Career colleges, like LA ORT, prepare students for specific in-demand careers, as well as teaching students the professional skills they will need to succeed in the workplace.

ORT is the Largest Non-Governmental Education System in the World

ORT’s reputation speaks for itself. With over 800 centers worldwide and accreditation and approval from reputable organizations, LA ORT is known for helping students earn the skills they need for career success. Offering flexible start dates, affordable rates, and job training, LA ORT makes it possible for students of all ages and backgrounds to receive the knowledge they need to land a job they will love. Visit www.LAORT.edu or contact us today at (800) 998-2678 to learn more.