How to Improve English Pronunciation

How to Improve English Pronunciation

Last week, we talked about whether or not it is
possible to sound like a native English speaker.
Today, we will focus on one of the most important areas of ESL learning –

Here are some easy tips that can help you take
your English pronunciation to the next level.

Watch, Repeat

To be able to master English pronunciation, you
need to spend time not just listening to native English speakers but also
watching how their mouths move when they speak. While you can advance your
skills by watching movies and listening to radio shows, this can only take you
so far. For best results, you may want to turn to YouTube and find channels
where you can observe how natives talk and then repeat after them. At first,
you may sound silly to yourself, but you will get much better with practice.

Record Yourself while Speaking

While a lot of people are uncomfortable with
listening to the sound of their voice (and in another language!), this is one
of the best ways to boost your pronunciation. To begin with, you can record
yourself on your phone and then listen to the recording to find out where you
make mistakes. However, ideally, you should also receive feedback from native
speakers. To this end, you may want to consider starting your own YouTube
channel or vlog where you will read and speak in English and ask natives to
help you out.

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Yourself in English

You have probably heard it a million times, but
the truth is that you will learn English much better and faster if you fully
immerse yourself in the language. It is important to remember that you do not
have to consciously sit down every day to learn English or work on your
pronunciation – your skill will improve if you just listen to English on a
daily basis through your favorite music, news channels, podcasts, and other
types of media. Finally, to get better at English pronunciation, you need to
use the language – and use it a lot.

Natural & Don’t Worry Too Much

When learning a language, and especially
pronunciation, you can actually try too hard to sound perfect. You need to keep
in mind that native speakers can also make mistakes, but they do not worry
about every single sound they make during a day – and neither should you! You
should do your best to pronounce words as correctly as possible, but you also
need to relax and enjoy yourself while talking to other, not just to prevent
tensing up your vocal cords and mouth but to actually look forward to learning
and improving your language skills.

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