Programs of Study

Technical Programs

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The College’s Accounting Program, The Associates of Applied Science (AAS) Degree curriculum, is designed to meet the needs of the bookkeeping and accounting with greater emphasis on financial statements and account management. The (AAS) degree program also includes courses such as merchandise and payroll accounting, cost accounting, depreciation, partnership, tax preparation, corporate accounting, creating reports, and database management applications. The program also provides the students with skills to be able to enhance their knowledge of accounting in the business settings. The program provides with expanded knowledge and understanding of general education courses which are beneficial the students to interact within their community and beyond.


The College’s Degree in Business Management, The Associates of Applied Science (AAS) Degree curriculum, is designed to meet the needs of individuals who need to work in business setting. The emphasis is learning computer skills, accounting applications, accounting for servicing business, and for merchandise. This program also provide the students with knowledge of how to manage a business, office procedures, understanding the law related to business, essential needs for marketing and advertising the products, learning the principle of management skills, and supervising and administrating small or large departments. The (AAS) degree program also includes courses such as database management applications, accounting applications that are need in the job market. The program provides with expanded knowledge and understanding of general education courses which are beneficial to the students to interact within their community and beyond.


The Associates of Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Computer Drafting and Design curriculum trains you for work in Engineering, Drafting and Interior Design firms. The emphasis is on learning drafting skills with AutoCAD. Students learn how to draw different engineering plans with standard computer drafting programs like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Revit. Students gain knowledge of mechanical engineering drafting, Architectural Drafting, Interior Design Drafting, Electrical & Electronics Drafting. The program also includes  Construction Print Reading, Industrial Print Reading, Portfolio Design, and Technical Writing & Composition.


The Administrative Assistant Certificate Program prepares you to become proficient entry-level in general office work with advanced computer skills. The certificate program affords the student a knowledge of the entire Microsoft Office suite plus business communication, writing and procedural skills. Our students learn how to prepare and/or edit a document, work with spreadsheets, databases, scheduling and computerized presentations. Students take the Microsoft Office Word and Excel practice core tests. The institute does not administer any special certification tests but encourages students to seek this important certifications to enhance their chances of employment. You will also learn to navigate the World Wide Web, use search engines and establish an email account.


The College’s Medical Office Management Program is designed to prepare you for entry-level medical office support roles. Emphasis is placed on general secretarial skills, medical office knowledge and front office and back noninvasive procedures. Microcomputer skills are developed to enhance office productivity as it applies to medical office word processing, data entry, medical record filing, medical insurance billing, accounting and/or medical office management.


The College’s Pharmacy Technician program is designed and built on actual pharmacy technician performance expectations. After an orientation of pharmacy practice students learn the computer’s role in both institutional and retail pharmacy settings. Students learn prescription receipt and screening for completeness and accuracy, medication preparation in sterile and nonsterile environments, supply distribution, purchasing pharmaceuticals, inventory control methods, insurance billing and payment collection, pharmacy calculations, federal and state regulations, pharmacy equipment and maintance, pharmacy ethics and communicating effectively. The institute’s goal is to prepare the student for licensing with the California Board of Pharmacy


The College’s Medical Assistant program has an overall objective to prepare the student for an entry level position in the medical field with an emphasis on back office clinical procedures. Students become certified in CPR as well as taking a patients temperature, pulse, repiration, blood pressure, weight and measurment. Medical terminology gives the student the language of the medical field to be able to interact with doctors, nurses and other specialists in the field. Anatomy and physiology is covered to bring a broader understanding of the human body as it relates to the clinical procedure tasks assigned to the medical assistant. An externship at the end of the student’s study puts into practice what the student has learned in a real world setting that often leads to employment.


The Associates of Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Digital Media curriculum is designed to prepare students as computer graphic designers and desktop publishers for the media business. Students are emphasized to prepare themselves for the “real world” of electronic publishing. The students will learn design newspaper and magazine layouts, flyers, logos; scanning and editing photographs; as well as video editing, and web design with animation, students learn two key web graphic programs, one for animation of text and object, and the other for web page creation. Students also learn to navigate the internet, use search engines, download documents, and create email accounts. The student creates a website which contains production from all modules. The computer lab has both Microsoft PCs and Macintosh computers for students to get cross-platform training. All through the course, students are guided through portfolio preparation, an important feature of the program, designed to provide clear evidence of the student’s job market skills. The program provides expanded knowledge and understanding of general education courses which are beneficial to students to interact within their community and beyond.