$15 Minimum Wage for L.A.’s Working Poor?

$15 Minimum Wage for L.A.’s Working Poor?

California currently has an $8 minimum wage, which we have talked about on this blog before, but that could change drastically if a new motion coming to the Los Angeles City Council passes. Well, if it passes, it would currently apply only to hotel employees in the city working full time.

But, But, But! The council members behind the motion would like to see it eventually spread to every worker in the city.

ort trade schools in los angeles“We know it will improve lives,” said Councilman Mike Bonin, “We know it will bring folks into the middle class. We know it will bring more money into the local economy.”

Why $15 and Why Only Hotel Workers?
The precise amount proposed is $15.37, which comes out to about $30,000 per year. Earning that much annually, according to the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, the nonprofit backing the measure, would allow people to live without the need for government assistance or a second (or third!) job. Basically, it would provide a “living wage.”

Why start with hotel workers? Because they are one of the largest minimum or law-wage industries in the city, and use workers that cannot be outsourced.

So What?

This could affect hundreds of thousands of people. Did you know that that last U.S. Census found 10% of all working Americans still live in poverty? That’s a lot of people! And this doesn’t include part-time workers, this is for people with 40-hour a week, full-time employment.

A recent report found that 28% of all Angelenos earn poverty wages from their full-time work. ort colleges in los angeles california

Of course, even a higher minimum wage is not the same thing as upward mobility. Dirty, difficult and dangerous jobs might pay more in the future, but that’s not the same as a promotion. You could still lose your job as quickly as you got it. After all there are many people standing in line to get your labor-intensive job. What should you do to get a better “permanent” job then?

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