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Video: Faces of ORT

What do Mike, Katherine, Flora and all of the other people in this video have in common? They are all thankful for ORT College! ORT has such a diverse community of students, and in our video “Facesof ORT,” former and current students talk about what ORT gave them to be thankful for. They faced challenges […]


YouTube video: J-Report on LA ORT: Part 2

The second part of J-Reports’ ORT video talks about some history of Los Angeles ORT, and its’ current focuses as well as the types of programs you can find at the school today. ORT came to Los Angeles in 1985, and though it started out as a school whose primary purpose was to provide language […]


YouTube video: J-Report on LA ORT: Part 1

Did you know about the incredible history of the ORT organization? Watch a fascinating interview from J-Report by Brad Pomerance, with Director of Admissions for Los Angeles ORT Fred Keivanfar on YouTube. Part 1 of the report discusses the history of ORT. Did you know that “ORT” comes from a Russian acronym that when translated […]


A Step-by-Step Guide for Applying to Technical School

Though four-year universities are great, graduates emerge with broadly defined degrees that can make getting a specialized job difficult. technical schools, on the other hand, are great for helping their students become pharmacy technicians, medical assistants, business managers, and other qualified and sought-after professionals. If you like the sound of technical school, then follow this quick […]


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