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Obamacare and Its Effect on Your Decision to Attend ORT

Today Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote. The bill, dubbed Obamacare but actually titled the Affordable Care Act, was created by the President in order to try and restore health care as a basic cornerstone of middle-class security in America. Thanks to the new law, over 33 million more Americans […]


How Teens See the Labor Market

Junior Achievement USA recently completed a survey of young men and women about what motivates them in determining career success and what they see for the future of the labor market. The study found that there is a striking difference in both the way boys and girls look at things, as well as the way […]


Student Loan Debt Worse Than Ever Before

For the majority of Americans, attending a four-year university means taking out student loans. In the past these loans were looked at as the ticket to a higher education and a better life- an easy, dependable way to finance an education, get an income, and slowly pay it all back. Today, however, the phrase “student […]


Is College Right for You?

The truth of the matter is that college really isn’t for everyone. Many students (especially in today’s struggling economy) are beginning to realize this and are seeking other ways to get a satisfying career after high school rather than attend a four year university. Whether these students simply have other interests in mind, don’t want […]


High School Diploma Not Enough in Today’s Labor Market

The whole objective of education is to prepare students for success in the industry of their choice. But lately, more than ever, the definition of “success” is changing. Is it job satisfaction? Personal growth and development? Or is it just looking at the bottom line? The only real answer to that question is that success […]


Jobs Employers Can’t Fill

Although the job market has been improving steadily, few would argue that the employment situation in America is where we would like to be, and many citizens feel that they just can’t seem to find suitable work. There are many reasons for this- applicants don’t possess the necessary training and skill set for the job […]


Negative Myths Surrounding Vocational Education

Despite the growing popularity and proven benefits of vocational education, negative myths continue to circulate throughout the education industry. The most prevalent of these rumors is the idea that vocational education is for people that can’t get into college. Nothing could be further from the truth. Research shows that some of the smartest, most able […]


Los Angeles ORT Interview on Armenian Show

We have two new videos up on YouTube from when Los AngelesORT College was recently featured on Armenian television. Two ORT representatives were interviewed on an Armenian show, where they discussed the college and what we offer at ORT. The campus was also visited by a film crew who spoke with one of the ORT […]


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