Archives for September, 2012

Healthcare Industry Recession Proof

Healthcare Jobs on the Rise In an economy where everyone is focusing on the decrease of jobs and the increase of unemployment, there is one industry that continues to thrive; the healthcare industry. No matter how you look at it, the medical field is always in demand. However, there are several contributing factors that solidify […]


Another ORT Externship Turns into a Career

For two years Melissa was unemployed and struggling to find a job. Her previous work experience consisted of cleaning houses and shipping and receiving in a warehouse. These were jobs Melissa was grateful to have, but ultimately not the profession she wanted to dedicate years of her life to. When Melissa heard about the Associate […]


The Future is Digital Media

Graphic Design Jobs on the Rise A May article by Wanted Analytics reported an 11% growth in this year’s hiring demand for graphic designers. With the steady increase of Internet users and over 50% of people constantly using their phone to surf the web, this statistic is not all that surprising. Successful companies all over […]


Enrichment Starts Here

Hmayak was an ORT ESL (English as a Second Language) graduate and working as a messenger in Los Angeles, when he decided to make a change for the better. From his previous ESL classes, he had seen the opportunities that ORT had to offer and decided to take advantage of them. In June of 2011 […]


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