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The History of ORT

For Los Angeles ORT students it may come as a surprise to know that ORT first opened its doors more than 130 years ago. In 1880 the first ORT College was established in Russia, by three Jewish philanthropists. Hoping to help the thousands of poverty stricken Jews who had taken refuge in the city, these […]


Associate Degree: Best Job Market, Best Income

Thirty years ago earning a bachelor’s degree could get you almost any job you wanted. You could spend four years majoring in history and turn around and become an accountant. Just having the diploma was enough. However, that is no longer the case. Now what you major in is the key. A four year art […]


The Price of Continuing Your Education

It is no secret that the current state of the economy is impacting people all across the board. Those that are lucky enough to be employed often struggle to make ends meet, and worry about job security. However, they consider themselves lucky when compared to the 12 million people currently unemployed in the United States. […]


The Power of Knowledge

Payam is a recent immigrant. When he heard about Los Angeles ORT from his family and friends, he was intrigued. At their urging, he contacted ORT and researched the programs available. He eventually decided on accounting and enrolled in the program last summer. At the time he was running a family business with his brother, […]


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