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Top Ten Tips for a Terrific Interview

Finding a job in today’s economic climate is not easy by any means. To the recent graduate, it can be a daunting task that leaves you overwhelmed. ABC news reports the median time of unemployment for job seekers to be about 40 weeks. This record-breaking statistic can be discouraging but it illustrates the absolute necessity […]


Holiday Season Tough on Temporary Employees

The holiday shopping season official starts this Friday. Thousands of shoppers will storm the malls hoping to put a dent in their ever-growing shopping lists and take advantage of the Black Friday sales. This expected rise in store traffic means two things for employers: a much awaited increase in revenue and the need to hire […]


ORT – A Part of Voting History

The voting history in America is certainly a rich one, and one that has shifted and changed throughout the years. In the beginning only select individuals were able to cast their vote; a small group of people dictated the outcome for many. Eventually, all men were granted the right to vote, no matter their race […]


Industry Advisory Board Meeting Garners Valuable Information for ORT

Recently, Los Angeles ORT College conducted an Industry Advisory board meeting. This gathering allows for an open discussion between the members of different industries, employers and a handful of alumni. These meetings are especially important to the future of ORT because each person is asked to provide feedback on the current training programs, thus enriching […]


Free GED Prep Courses at ORT

GED Classes in Los Angeles It is no secret that this year LAUSD has approved substantial cuts to the budget. While the effects have been devastating to schools throughout Los Angeles, they have shut down other programs completely. Adult Education Programs have especially struggled under these budget revisions. Despite the fact that Adult Ed programs […]


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