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Los Angeles ORT Helps Students with Transportation Costs

Over the last few years transportation costs have become a serious consideration for many people. Owning a vehicle is no longer just about a car payment, you have to factor in increasing insurance rates and gas prices that break the bank. With the average household spending close to $400 a month on gasoline, commuting to […]


Student Visa Puts the Dream of Studying in the USA within Reach

Being an international student has its challenges. Just like a typical college student they have to worry about finances and school programs, but add to that the process of obtaining a student visa and the stress can be tremendous. Few schools understand this better than Los Angeles ORT which is why they go above and […]


Financing Your Education

Many students give up on the idea of a college education simply because of the cost. All we hear about today is how expensive college is and how many people are saddled with loan payments they can’t afford. But this is only one side of the coin. There are several financial aid options available to […]


Top Three Sites for Finding Healthcare Employment

The career placement center at Los Angeles ORT College has always been invested in their students’ futures. From the start of class, to after graduation when the search for employment begins, ORT is there every step of the way.  With a job placement rate of 89%, ORT College utilizes business connections in the community and […]


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