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China’s Cultural and Educational Delegation Visits Los Angeles ORT College

A delegation of China’s cultural and educational leaders who visited Los Angeles ORT College on January 15, 2013, praised the college’s career training programs and teaching environment. The visiting team included five members of Beijing’s affiliated educational institutions, Foreign Office and Bureau of Finance, who were interested in establishing educational relationships with select U.S. colleges. […]


Never Let Anyone Tell You That You Can’t, Because You CAN!

Stacey was working low level jobs, earning minimum wage, all while going to school full-time. She had hopes of making a better life for herself and was tired of working dead-end jobs with no chance of advancement. She knew the key to success was a solid education. Stacey did extensive research on schools in Los […]


Los Angeles ORT is the Training Provider of Choice for LAX

It is a known fact that Los Angeles ORT has an exceptionally high job placement rate of 87%. This statistic is a testament not only to the students but the job placement center at ORT College. The school’s placement program is constantly looking for new and effective ways to help their students become successful after […]


Pharmacy Technician Field Growing at a Rapid Pace

The constant changes in the healthcare industry have left many people feeling uncertain about the future and what it means for their medical needs. Many are excited at the prospect of universal health care and others fear there will be negative side effects. But no matter where you stand, one thing is for sure – […]


Associate Degree Continues to Hold an Employment Niche

The school of thought has always been- get a bachelor’s degree and you can have any job you want. However with state budget cuts in higher education, students and educators alike are discovering that receiving a “four-year” degree can take five or six years, ultimately earning you a degree that no longer has a guarantee. […]


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