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The Psychology of Success in the Workplace

  ORT College is not only committed to the students’ successful completion of their education, but also committed to them in achieving success once they graduate and begin their careers.  Having the skill, education and experience in your field is essential to obtaining the job you want.  However, this alone is not all it takes […]


5 Tips to Having an Effective Job Interview

Getting called back for an interview for a position that you’ve applied for is no small feat.  So, yes be excited, be proud of yourself, but most importantly be prepared.  Regardless of your level of education and job skills, you must be prepared in order to have an effective interview.  The 5 tips to having […]


LA ORT’s Employer Network is Larger than Ever!

Los Angeles ORT College specializes in providing Business, Medical and Technology Programs for individuals who would like to start a career in a short period of time.  What really sets us apart from other colleges is not only our commitment in providing effective learning experiences, but our commitment to placing students in the jobs of […]


Marie’s dream comes true with Los Angeles ORT College’s help

March 14th, 2013 was a memorable milestone, filled with pride and joy for Marie Theresa Lagman, as well as all her friends and family that celebrated her graduation from the Medical Office Management Program of Los Angeles ORT College. 95 other students graduated the same day and 12 of them joined Marie from the same […]


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