3 Careers Where You Can Be Creative

3 Careers Where You Can Be Creative

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines creativity as “the ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new or imaginative.” This ability is important in many career fields. As an article in Gallup Workplace explains, “Creativity is a business asset. Spotting and seizing opportunities — and avoiding pitfalls — requires ingenuity and originality.” If you are creative, you want to look for a career where creativity is encouraged, such as digital media, accounting, or business management.

Creative Minds Excel In Digital Media

The world of digital media only exists because of creative minds. In this career field, employees use their creative minds to create everything from flyers to logos. Additionally, they produce graphics and edit videos for clients. The ability to create and produce something new and exciting is why so many creative minds are drawn to the field of creative media. As Allison Doyle writes, “There’s really never been a better time for creative artists with solid digital media skills to find employment, since the public’s appetite for new information presented in unique and original ways is voracious.”

The Need for Creativity in Accounting

Often, people think of accountants as simply number crunchers. What these people fail to realize is that accountants do far more than crunch numbers – they use their creativity regularly to help people and businesses save money. SYMPAQ explains, “A creative accountant sees the big-picture view of your business, not just the financial details. […] He won’t just crunch the numbers, but he will provide advice on how to maximize monetary resources and has specific insight into your company’s financial position as well as ideas on how to leverage it.”

Business Management Requires Creative Thinking

Creativity is also a key skill for business managers. In The Importance of Creativity in the Workplace, the author states, “Creativity in the workplace is absolutely important. […] And this doesn’t just go for employees, but for managers as well–in fact, managers have the ability to be the conductors of creativity in their staff. Sometimes it has to start from the top!” Business managers will need to use creative thinking and creative problem solving regularly. Plus, business managers set the tone for the workplace – if they embrace creativity, so will their employees. Thus, producing unique ideas.

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LA ORT Helps Students Put Their Creativity to Good Use

LA ORT recognizes that creativity is a strength and an in-demand skill for today’s workplace. This is why LA ORT offers programs for each of the career fields we discussed above. Each program is designed to teach students the skills they need for employment while also fostering their creativity. Whether you want to create something new as a digital media professional, search for new ways to save businesses money as an accountant or encourage creative thinking in the workplace as a business manager, LA ORT can help you begin your creative career journey. Visit www.LAORT.edu or contact us today at (800) 998-2678 to learn more.