3 Ways for International Students to Find the Best ESL Program in Los Angeles

3 Ways for International Students to Find the Best ESL Program in Los Angeles

Are you one of the nearly 1 million international students who has traveled to the US to pursue your education? According to reports, the number of International Students in the United States reached a new high in 2018 to 1.09 million. Los Angeles is home to many international students who come from Hispanic countries, Russia, Korea, and more.

As an international student, it is critical that you learn to speak English. To help you find the best ESL program in Los Angeles, we recommend focusing on the following three guidelines.

Research the Cost.

Did you know LA ORT offers an affordable ESL program? Why pay more than you need to for an ESL program when you can enroll in an established and respected program that is affordable?

Prioritize the Location.

When researching ESL programs, it is also important to prioritize the location. For example, LA ORT is conveniently located near Koreatown, Beverly Hills, Beverly Grove and many more exciting places in beautiful and diverse Los Angeles County, where opportunities are plentiful.

Opt for a School That Offers Career Courses.

You should also look beyond the school’s ESL program. Rather than enrolling in a school simply for an ESL program, you should consider what programs are offered upon completing the ESL program. For instance, those students who enroll in LA ORT’s ESL program will be able to move on to an Associate Degree program such as Business Management or Digital Media and receive work authorization to work in United States, for one year, under their student visa, after graduation. This employment opportunity is offered under the Optional Training Program (OPT) and could prepare them for the next step in their career journey.

LA ORT Can Help You Find Success in American Society

LA ORT’s English as a Second Language Program is designed to help international students find success in the American workforce. Visit www.LAORT.edu or call the ORT career college in Los Angeles near you at (800) 998-2678 to enroll in our English as a Second Language Program today!