You are Hired!…Now what?

You are Hired!…Now what?

There are plenty of articles with helpful advice on how to land a job. But what do you do when you get it? You worked so hard to get to where you are, don’t let it go! Here’s some quick tips on how to keep your job:

  1. Love what you make: Get to know what your company makes. What are you helping put out in the world? If it’s a service, use it. If it’s a product, take it home. Use your company’s products as if you are their biggest customer. The more you know and love what you create, the more connected you will be with your job.
  2. Love the people you work with: Get to know each person and their job. You will not only quickly learn who to go to with which questions, you also get to learn how to get promoted. That’s right. Your coworkers and boss are the key to your success! Find out how everyone got their job. Listen to their stories. You will find out what’s important to bosses. In some companies, they care about a can-do attitude. And other companies care about how well you get along with your team. All positive qualities help, but some are more important, depending on the management style of where you work. And remember, stay professional. Walk away from gossip and always give credit to colleagues whenever you can.
  3. Eyes alert, ears open: Everyone is your mentor on your first day and they will want to help you! So take advantage of this time by watching others, working hard, and asking questions. Be the first one to volunteer on a project. Go to work early a few days and stay late to help a coworker buried in paperwork. You will not only learn; you’ll also make loyal friends.
  4. Friend your way to the top: Just like in sports, you only win when the team wins. Do not believe the myth that we have to fight our way to the top. Friend your way to the top! The best way to climb in a career is to help lift your superiors and taking a step up with them. So make your boss and colleagues look good. They will remember your team spirit when it’s time to fill in the new slots. Get to the top together!
  5. Go back to school: Your education doesn’t have to stop after you get a diploma. In fact, it shouldn’t. Take classes that complement your career. Learn what you always wanted to learn. Your brain will stay fast and flexible when you study. Especially in fields that are always changing like medicine, marketing and business administration, you will learn new ways to get ahead.

Some of these tips will be a piece of cake for you. Sometimes we’re shy and it’s not easy to put ourselves out there. Challenge yourself! Dedicate yourself to improving your brain and your life and you will see amazing things happen. Not just at your new job but all over! Your best investment is between your ears. Make it as great as you can. There’s no limit to what you can do.

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