4 Digital Media Careers You Should Know About

4 Digital Media Careers You Should Know About

digital media careers could be both rewarding and lucrative. If you have a talent or interest in art and design, then a digital media career could open a path for you to make a living doing what you like the most. There are many options for digital media careers, as the need for skilled professionals familiar with digital media tools in this area is increasing. Excited about learning what lies ahead with a job in a digital media career? Then we have gathered some information for you from Bureau of Labor Statistics on opportunities in this field.

photography digital media careersPhotographer

Median Salary: $30,000

You may be surprised to see this one on the list, but more and more graduates choosing one of the digital media careers are becoming photographers. The reason why digital media is essential in photography is that now, more than ever, photographers are using computer software to edit their photos. As a photographer, you can capture people, merchandise, landscape or other subjects. Besides being great at taking photos, a photographer should also have excellent sales skills, as you’ll likely be doing a lot of customer service since you need to interact with different clients on a daily basis.


Web Developer

Median Salary: $63,000

Being a web developer is one of the most promising digital media careers you can have. In fact, web development jobs are projected to increase 26% by 2022. So this is a hot digital media career with job security you can count on. The main duty of a web developer includes designing, creating and modifying websites. This job involves some understanding of code as well as the ability to convert any audio, video, graphic and written text to what a website uses. Those who are interested in this job should have a strong interest in programming, communications, and design.


digital media careers Graphic Designer

Median Salary: $41,800

A graphic designer is one of the hottest digital media careers out there. As long as there are businesses, there will always be a need for a graphic designer. The job of a graphic designer is to create or design graphics for promotional or commercial needs. This may include designing logos, websites, displays or product packaging. Besides being highly skilled in art and computers, a graphic designer also needs a very high attention to detail.


digital media careersMultimedia Artist

Median Salary: $63,000

Being a multimedia artist is both fun and challenging. This work involves creating special effects, drawing animation or designing other visual images for computer games, commercials, film, TV, or music videos. Since you will need to work with many different departments as a multimedia artist, having communication skills is essential. Of course, being adept at fine art and design is a plus also. You must also be okay with being in a crucial and high-demand position, as this job is fast-paced and involves a lot of deadlines.

Digital media careers offer many benefits including diverse workdays and a lucrative income. But none of this will happen if you don’t have the right education to support you. For more information, call one of our student advisors at an ORT junior college in Los Angeles or Van Nuys near you at (800) 998 – 2678. Let us help you get you started towards the digital media career of your dreams today!

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