4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Into The Medical Field

When people think of jobs in the medical field, they tend to think of high stress situations and impossible hours. However, the medical field is vast—any one notion you have of jobs in medicine is nowhere close to the whole story. Here are four reasons why you should at least consider becoming a pharmacy technician or getting into medical office management!
1.      Manageable schooling
It’s true—doctors are typically in school for several years and incur many thousands of dollars in debt. However, you could become a pharmaceutical technician in 30 weeks and incur little to no debt. Switching careers is always hard, but breaking into the medical field is easier than you think.  
2.      Great prospects
People still get sick, and with a growing population, medical personnel will be in high demand for a long time. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for medical assistants, pharmaceutical technicians, and those in medical office management are excellent. 
3.      High pay
Medical personnel are incredibly important and they are typically well compensated. As a pharmaceutical technician, you could start with $13/hour and go up from there. Some medical office managers bring home up to six figures!    
4.      Help save lives
Of course, there’s another sort of payment that comes with a job in the medical field—the knowledge that you are helping save lives. One of the main reasons people switch careers is because they feel like their current job isn’t making a difference. With a job in the medical field, you’re an important part of a vast team whose job it is to make lives better.
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