5 Steps to Start Your Year Off Right

5 Steps to Start Your Year Off Right

Finish Up Last Year: 
             This is the time to tie up any loose ends. With loads that you want to achieve and work on floating in your mind for this year, it’s important not to forget what you actually had going on towards the end of the last year and even things you left off earlier that year. It will be much easier to move forward and be proactive if there is nothing left pending.

Evaluate Goals:
             When last years’ tasks have been settled and evaluated, it’s time to mentally evaluate what you haven’t done. What was missing last year? What did you do last year that you wish you had done more of? The more you can think of, the better you can prioritize what means most to you and the better you can allocate your time.
             Be realistic. Don’t add so much to your plate that goals later on are put off or abandoned completely. Really think about what means the most to you and how much time you have. Keep in mind obstacles that you struggled with last year. Use your past mistakes to prevent future ones.

Make Solid Plans:
             Now that you know what you want, it’s time to make tasks for them. How will you physically and mentally complete these things? Break down the steps and pick when they need to be done over time. If you can visualize the process of achieving your goals and see how you will get there over time, it will be more likely that you can follow through on them. 

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Get Organized: 
             Write tasks and goals down or put them in a word document. It will help you visualize, plan, and even further prioritize your goals. You can either buy yourself a calendar or planner for the new year or open up the calendar application in your phone. Put everything in there and make yourself reminders to keep your goals in check. Make yourself a goal to actually use these tools through the entire year! 
It’s important that you set yourself up with the resources to keep everything physical you do more organized throughout the year as well. In addition to organizing goals and thoughts in writing, that may also mean buying some new organizational products or doing some DIY projects that will organize the things you use the most.

             This step will go hand-in-hand with organizing. When you’ve figured out how you want things organized in your life, it’s time to put things in their place. Make sure things are as de-cluttered and polished as possible. A big part of this is putting away any leftover holiday decorations you may have! Start the year off fresh and clean. Moving forward will be much easier if you have a spotless space to work with.

             If you complete all of the steps above, you’ll have a clear mind and focus to really get what you want in 2015. Good luck! We believe in you.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.