A Little ORT History

ORT trade schools in los angeles

Did you know that ORT was founded as far back as 1880? Today, it is one of the biggest non-governmental training and education organizations in the world. ORT has activities in over sixty countries, and has graduated over three million students since its founding in Tsarist Russia. The organization was originally started in order to help impoverished Jewish people be free from dependence upon others. Since then, ORT has evolved along with the world and technology to remain one of the world’s most effective educational systems.

The goal of ORT’s education and training programs is to provide students with the best possible hope for success and a bright future. The education that students receive prepares them to become productive citizens that have a positive influence on society and participate in uplifting, worthwhile careers.

In Los Angeles, ORT has taken that mission one step further. LA ORT is creating students who are poised and ready to not just have a positive impact on society, but to lead it. With a range of study programs involved in crucial sectors of the labor industry, students can study anything from accounting and business to medical office management and digital media. Students will leave ready to make an impact in the workforce and climb the ladder to more responsibility and success.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.