Accounting, a Profession with Many Career Paths

Accounting, a Profession with Many Career Paths

When most people think of accountants, they automatically think of crunching numbers in a cubicle all day. While accounting absolutely involves numbers, the careers that an accounting degree can get you are quite diverse, lucrative and exciting. There is hardly any business that does not require the expertise of an accountant to balance the accounts and keep the business in compliance with state and federal laws. If you’ve got a passion for numbers and finance, then an accounting degree is the way to go.

Why An Accounting Degree?

If you work as an accountant, you’ll get a dynamic and engaging career. Accountants work in many different industries. Day to day duties may include tasks like bookkeeping, but they could also involve more complex tasks like payroll reporting and auditing. An accountant’s key goal is to ensure that a company’s money is being moved appropriately. They make sure a company is profitable. Understanding basic accounting fundamentals is crucial toward any business’ success.

These Exciting Careers Await You! 

Not only does earning an accounting degree afford you lots of flexibility, as practically every industry needs accountants, but it’s also quite lucrative! Here’s a list of accounting careers. Some you may even be surprised to learn about.

accounting degree in los angeles junior collegeBookkeeper

So this one isn’t exactly a surprise, but it is, by far, one of the most popular and lucrative careers you can get with an accounting degree. Bookkeepers are the true backbone of a thriving company. A bookkeeper’s tasks include paying the company’s bills, and tracking both the incoming and outgoing flow of money. Bookkeepers also work heavily with CPA’s to make sure the tax reports are all kept up to date. This job is perfect for someone who pays close attention to detail, loves math and working with computers.

Entertainment Accountants 

People who work in the entertainment industry need accountants, whether it is for personal stars, or on a corporate level, working with major film studios, record and production companies. If going the corporate route, you will take on multiple tasks including setting the budget for concert tours and overseeing production costs for TV and film. You may even be required to work on set. Working one-on-one with movie stars, you’ll need to ensure that your client’s finances are in perfect shape. This fun and fast paced job comes with major perks.

International Accountant

Do you love to travel? Can you speak other languages? Do you enjoy working with different cultures? If so, then a career as an international accountant may be the perfect gig for you. With more and more companies doing work overseas, the demand for international accountants are at an all time high. You’ll be responsible for knowing about international finance operations from exchange rates to wage rules.

trade school in los angeles accounting degree

Sports Accounting

Who says that working in sports is just for athletes? If you have a passion for both sports and numbers, then becoming a sports accountant may be just the career for you. You have many options when it comes to pursuing a career as a sports agent. You may be required to relocate if you’d like to work for your favorite team. You can work in payroll, going over salary contracts for the players. Perhaps you’d like to work in merchandising, where you’ll oversee the vending and inventory process. Or you could work as a controller, if want to have your hands in both payroll and merchandising. Your options are endless.

F.B.I. Agent

You may be surprised to see this one on the list. The F.B.I. is known for their criminal investigations, but there’s always a need for accountants for their bigger corporate and business crimes investigations. You could be working on cases that involve fraud and other monetary irregularities. You could work on criminal investigations or in administration side. On the administration side, you’ll be responsible for managing budgets and other organizational or financial matters.

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