High-school- Diploma Prep Program

High School Equivalency Diploma Prep Program

To help those who would like to pursue college education but did not have the opportunity to complete and graduate from high school, Los Angeles ORT College is offering a High School Equivalency Diploma preparation program, designed for adults, to assist them in receiving a recognized high school diploma.
In this program the students will receive practice tests and will be prepared to take the required high school diploma tests in core subjects of Social Studies, Science, Mathematics and English in a comfortable, safe classroom environment. We will even help you receive credit for the courses that you have previously completed and passed in a U.S. approved high school.

This program is designed to help you receive your high school diploma, in shortest period of time without spending time on the subjects that you have already completed in high school. Just bring a copy of your high school transcript and we assist you through the rest of the process. So open the doors to the pursuit of your college education and career success by calling the Admissions Office of Los Angeles ORT College, and inquire about this exciting opportunity today!

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