Why Adults Are Better Language Learners than Children

Why Adults Are Better Language Learners than Children

Kids are often believed to be better language learners than adults. Children can learn a language relatively easy just by being exposed to it and they can acquire a native-like accent without putting in too much effort. So, kids must be perfect language learners and adults can only dream of achieving their level of success in learning a second language, right? Wrong!

While hearing a kid speak a foreign language is definitely fascinating and should be praised and encouraged, it is important to debunk this popular myth that you cannot be fluent in a second language unless you started learning it as a kid. Adults can learn how to speak a foreign language much faster than a child and they can reach a much higher level of proficiency.

Let’s see why adults are great language learners:

  1. Adults are motivated

As an adult language learner, you know exactly why you want to learn a new language. You may want to learn a foreign language to find a better job, move to another country or travel. You may have friends whose first language you want to learn or you may just want to learn a language that has always fascinated you so that you could watch movies or read books in it. Knowing why you want to learn a foreign language can keep you motivated when you bump into obstacles and difficulties.

five reasons why adults are better language learners than children

  1. Adults have more experience

As an adult, you have more life experience, so you can connect new concepts with that experience. You already know what abstract terms mean and you are certainly familiar with the structure of your native language. All of this can help you relate the pieces of another language to something you already know, making foreign language learning much easier and more pleasant.

  1. Adults are more focused

Adults can focus much more on language learning than kids. You see, kids also have to learn many different subjects and topics, which doesn’t leave too much time for actually learning a new language. Children have to learn math, biology, history, and many other things they are completely unfamiliar with. Adults, on the other hand, even if they are going back to school, already have a lot of knowledge which they can use to their advantage, whether they are just learning a new language or have other subjects to master as well.

  1. Adults are more patient

Kids may give up learning something if they feel like they aren’t progressing fast enough. Adults, however, know that it takes time to learn something and will continue learning even if they stumble upon a few obstacles here and there. Adults also have longer attention spans and are aware that language learning is a long process – but a process that pays off in the end.

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  1. Adults can plan their own time

Simply put, adults can plan their own time as they see fit. As an adult, you know when you are the most productive and how long it will take for you to complete your tasks. Another important point is that adults can also make time for socializing – meeting and talking to other language learners, so they can practice a new language much more than kids.

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