Associate Degree: Best Job Market, Best Income

Thirty years ago earning a bachelor’s degree could get you almost any job you wanted. You could spend four years majoring in history and turn around and become an accountant. Just having the diploma was enough. However, that is no longer the case. Now what you major in is the key. A four year art degree won’t mean a thing unless you are prepared to go the distance and earn a Master’s degree as well. Due to this, students are looking outside the box, and turning away from four year institutions. Instead, students are paying attention to growing job trends and attending vocational training in specialized fields.

Expected Job Growth Rate

In this economic climate, students are discovering that earning an associate degree can be the fastest way to secure a job and start a career. In fact, sources predict that associate degree level occupations will be the fastest growing job market over the next two years. At a growth rate of 19%, associate degrees far surpass on-the-job training and work related experience. The Department of Labor also believes associate degree graduates will have more jobs available than occupations that require a bachelor’s degree.

When you stack these statistics against the fact that 40% of students drop out of four year universities, an option like Los Angeles ORT College makes perfect sense. The likelihood of completing a program is far greater if you only have to invest a year or two of your life, instead of a four year minimum. Common sense dictates that the financial responsibilities will also be much more manageable. Instead of being left with years of debt for a degree that no longer is applicable or a program that wasn’t completed, students will have much smaller student loans for a degree that is in demand.

Median Income by Education

For some students, it isn’t a choice between a four-year and junior college. Some people struggle with the idea of attending a post-secondary school at all. Although an argument can be made for starting in the workforce right out of high school, the median income for a high school graduate is much less when compared to someone with an associate degree. The difference is significant enough that in a short amount of time, the two years the graduate took off to attend school will be made up in their consistently higher salary. If you are considering making a change, contact the advisors at Los Angeles ORT College, and get started on your degree today!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.