Celebrating Our Recent Graduates

Celebrating Our Recent Graduates

April 30th, 2015 was a momentous day for this year’s graduates of LA ORT’s Los Angeles Campus who took the stage to be honored for their successful completion of their programs. It was a day of friends, family, and celebration.

As we recognized the graduates for their huge accomplishment, the valedictorians from each program were given the opportunity to share a few words with their peers. As each student took the podium, you could truly feel the sense of pride and excitement radiating from these graduates.

Janice Martin, Valedictorian for the Medical Office Management program, summed up her hopeful feelings for the future: “Our lives will be forever altered after we toss our caps in the air. The certificates, diplomas, and degrees that we receive today represents success and achievement, but we must remember more the journey that accompanied this achievement. Los Angeles ORT College has instilled in us a tremendous fire, a passion for life, and a desire to make the world in which we live better. Despite the challenges. We owe it to our family, our lecturers, and our classmates who have pushed us to the brink. After Los Angeles ORT, we can do anything.”

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For Perla Camargo, Phlebotomy Valedictorian, the effort it took to graduate was truly worth it: “For my parents, today is a dream come true, to see one of their kids graduating from college. It was tough to work and at the same time go to school and be on top of my assignments, finals, projects and on top of that to take care of my son. But now I happily say I am a graduate and remember that this is just the beginning for a better life and future.”

While recognizing the amount of personal effort that went into his graduation, Juan Hernandez, a Digital Media graduate, also paid tribute to the advisors and staff at LA ORT: “To these mentors I say: Our success is your success, for you have given us courage, the knowledge to excel and the belief that we can succeed. You have been there for us with encouragement and care; you have had faith when we doubted ourselves. You have instilled in us the self-confidence needed to reach for our dreams. For all of these things, we, the class of 2015, thank every single one of you.”

Juan went on to express his hopes for the future: “We, the class of 2015, are a powerhouse of innovation and creativity. We will push boundaries to make this world a better place even in small ways. Always remember where you came from. And always remember where you are going.”

These graduate know they’re going to change the world. Are you? If you’re interested in finding out just how far you can go in life, get in touch with an LA ORT Advisor today.

colleges in los angeles graduates

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