Celebrating Our Summer 2014 Graduates

Celebrating Our Summer 2014 Graduates

On Thursday, September 18th, LA ORT celebrated another impressive round of students’ graduation at our Los Angeles campus. There were more than fifty graduates representing LA ORT’s business, healthcare and technology programs, as well as the ESL program.
The night was full of inspiring stories, heartwarming anecdotes, and beautiful memories. We’d love to share with you the highlights. The night began with opening remarks by ORT College’s Director, Joseph Neman, and, Director of Admissions, Fred Keivanfar to introduce the graduates, followed by speeches from our 4 amazing valedictorians: Mayra Esparza, Victoria Suarez, Kasia Sandoval, and Caled Hwasoon Kwon.
Our Valedictorian, Victoria Suarez, recalls what first brought her to LA ORT, “I chose LA ORT College because they offered this program that will only take a little over a year and I can have the degree that I wanted, which was perfect…I learned so much that gave me confidence along the way. I felt good about myself.”

        Valedictorian, Mayra Esparza, recalled her journey at LA ORT from start to finish, “I was interested in LA ORT because I wanted to start my career right after I finished school instead of looking for a job that I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy…When I called I was answered by a friendly receptionist…. a couple of weeks later I was in the MOM program… everyone helped each other out….When I finally finished the program with my externship it was time to start looking for a job… I received an email from Odelia saying she had given my email address to an office manager that was looking for MAs. The same day I received an email from the office manager saying she was setting up appointments for interviews….Thanks to Narineh and Odelia I now have an amazing job at Podiatrist office. I’m glad I made that phone call!”
Victoria Suarez also joyously shared the success she has already found after finishing our two-year accounting program, “I was able to get two decent jobs with decent pay…LA ORT College changed my life. I will never forget LA ORT College for the rest of my life, thank you.”
Caleb Hwasoon Kwon detailed his plans to make an impact all the way over in Korea by spreading the LA ORT mission, “The lofty spirits and ideals I found out through my reading…were very enlightening and helpful in making me dream a new dream and reach a deeper level of understanding of the LA ORT’s Mission Statement: Educating Individuals, Impacting Communities, Improving the World…..I am going to commit the rest of my life to a project of building “Reunification Peace Village”….across the Korean Peninsula. I am going to do it with a purpose of impacting the local communities in the northeast Asia, and improving the world.”
            We are so humbled by the great things they had to say about LA ORT and are very proud of the many achievements our graduates have already begun to accomplish in such a very short time! We could not have said it better than valedictorian, Kasia Sandoval, “Our contribution to the world will not be measured by the money we make or the accolades we receive but rather by the way in which we share our unique gifts with the world. And the only place to find those gifts is within you. So go forth, class of 2014, and make your unique contribution!”

If their words have inspired you to make your unique contribution, speak to an LAORT advisor today to see how you can begin your amazing journey here!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.

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