China’s Cultural and Educational Delegation Visits Los Angeles ORT College

A delegation of China’s cultural and educational leaders who visited Los Angeles ORT College on January 15, 2013, praised the college’s career training programs and teaching environment.
The visiting team included five members of Beijing’s affiliated educational institutions, Foreign Office and Bureau of Finance, who were interested in establishing educational relationships with select U.S. colleges. During this visit the delegation was briefed on LA ORT’s educational and training programs, as well as the institute’s history of close ties with the Chinese-American community in the Los Angeles area.
The delegation acknowledged Los Angeles ORT College as an approved institution of higher education by China’s Ministry of Education. LA ORT was also recognized by the delegation as a U.S. based college for graduates of Chinese high schools to attend and pursue postsecondary credentials.
Mr. Tan Linkun, of the Foreign Affairs Office, indicated the growing interest for Chinese students in continuing education in American colleges. This trend has motivated the delegation to explore educational ties with U.S. institutions like LA ORT that have been involved with the Chinese community, and have been providing a hospitable cultural environment for Chinese nationals who are experiencing the American educational system for the first time.
Ms. He Shirong, the president of Beijing’s Jinsong Vocational School, commented on the non-profit status of Los Angeles ORT College, and the tuition affordability, factors that have become paramount for international students in choosing their desired college. Additionally, she expressed particular interest in ORT’s Digital Media program, stating that the Digital Media program could not only be of interest to their graduates in the next phase of their education, but also could be helpful as a teacher development tool for the faculty of her institution.
The team was impressed by LA ORT’s career placement rate of 87%, a number that represents not only the quality of education that LA ORT embraces, but also their focus in offering  programs that have shown high employment demand in the local community.
The delegation left pleased with their experience at LA ORT, reaffirming their commitment to exchange information to further develop their career training programs, and to jointly promote the affiliation.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.