Choosing a Career You Enjoy

Choosing a Career You Enjoy

While we all understand that we are working for a paycheck, it is much more fulfilling to have a career you love. According to USA Today, “Americans’ overall job satisfaction has increased for the seventh straight year, and we’re now at the point where a majority of us are actually happy at work.” The statistics they quoted found 51 percent said they were satisfied with their jobs.

Don’t you want to be a member of the 51% of American workers who are in jobs that leave them satisfied and happy? You can make this happen! Instead of just settling for whatever job opportunity presents itself, there are some clear steps you can take to find a career you will love.

Consider Your Skills and Your Passions

First things first, you must find the sweet spot. If you can identify the types of careers that allow your skills and your passions to align, you have identified your career sweet spot. For example, if you are passionate about sharing news and ideas with others and are skilled at using computers and technology, then a career in Digital Media may be a great career fit.

Look for In-Demand Careers

Now, it’s time to get serious. You want a career you love that will pay the bills. To do so, you should consider in-demand jobs. If you are aiming for a highly saturated career, it will be harder to find employment. However, if you are looking for jobs with increasing demand, then it will be easier to find employment. For example, the healthcare industry is booming with a large demand for phlebotomists and medical assistants.

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Get the Education and Experience You Need

Next, you need to get the education and experience you need to get the job. This is where a reputable career college like LA ORT can help. LA ORT offers education programs for several in-demand careers that teach students the skills they need as well as providing hands-on experience. This type of education and training is a major step in your journey to finding a career you love.

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Set Clear Goals

It is always wise to set clear goals, but this is especially true when it comes to your career. Goals will encourage you to keep moving towards the next step in your career plan. For example, you want to set a goal to earn your certification or degree. Then, you want to set a goal for employment. After you have landed the first job, you want to set goals for future success and advancement so that you keep moving closer and closer to the career you love.

Build a Network

When it comes to finding a great job, connections matter. It is all in who you know. As you make connections and build a network, it will help you as you look for a job in your career field. Fortunately, students at LA ORT can utilize the school’s network for finding employment. In addition to your teachers and classmates, LA ORT has relationships with many companies that can provide employment opportunities consistent with training students receive in our programs.


LA ORT’s Career Development Department is Free for Enrolled Students

In addition to the many ways LA ORT helps students find careers they love, our Career Development Department is available to enrolled students for free. This department offers free career advice, as well as employment preparation. Our goal is to help students find careers allowing them to use their skills and passions. We’d love to help you find a career that will leave you feeling happy and satisfied. Visit or contact us today at (800) 998-2678 for more information.