CNN Reports On The Best Investments Today

A recent article by Vanessa Ko for CNN points out that the best investment you can make today is an investment in your education. She refers to a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that confirms a degree is worth the time and money.

If you have been thinking about pursuing your education, the data makes it a “no brainer.” You can earn up to 1.5 times more than with just your high-school diploma. “Probably in these times there is no better investment you can make than in your education. Rate of return is in the order of 10 to 15 percent,” says Andreas Schleicher of OECD.

“There’s an increasing premium on better skills. And the people who pay the price for this are the low-skilled, because that work is getting outsourced, getting digitized, getting automated.” Schleicher said. 

Get the skills that will make it easier to land a job. In these times, there are many applicants competing for the same few job openings. The employer will not only choose the applicant with the right skills, they will only interview candidates who have a degree and real skills they can use.

“The reason the degree is valuable is because you’ve learned some kind of marketable skill. So I think the main focus should be on ‘O.K., what do I want my career path to be, and which degree is going to help me attain that goal?’ says James Vere, an economist at the University of Hong Kong, who researches job earnings.

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Invest in your future.
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