College is not Just about Technical Knowledge

College is not Just about Technical Knowledge

Going out into the workforce requires more skills than the technical knowledge you learn in college. Your job is a set of tasks and relationships that include colleagues, bosses, vendors, and clients. There is a set of skills that if you adopt before you graduate they would accelerate your career success. Here’s what to focus on improving while learning in school.

Never stop learning! As we get out of the school system, we start to call studying “research.” Research can be fun and engaging if you know how to do it efficiently and productively. Research is essential in the work place because collecting information and figuring out what that information can do for your assignment is part of any job. Don’t just go to the internet. Head over to a library, rent documentaries, or network with other professionals. Find ways to get information that help you really expand your knowledge. Sometimes an hour with an experienced professional is more helpful than eight hours on the internet.

Critical Thinking
Information is power. Critical thinking is taking information and processing it so you can work better. Honing your critical thinking skills is a lot like going to the gym. You develop the muscles the more you work at it. For many, critical thinking skills are improved by reading books, doing puzzles and workbooks that are specifically designed for critical thinking. Think outside the box, and always look for creative answers. Even if the idea ends up not being a success, your experience will make your critical thinking even sharper for the next project.

Communication is the most used skill in any work place. Interviews, emails, meetings, the need to get your message out there is so vital to your success. While in school, develop your ability to be clear. Know what you want to say and learn how to say it.

los angeles college teamwork

Every job calls for collaboration, so use the time in school to improve your ability to work with groups and teams. You can do this by getting involved with team projects, and being active in study groups. Study groups are an especially good time to hone your skills as a team player. As you start to work in study groups and interact with classmates, you have a unique opportunity to see how you work in a team and learn from it. Take charge when needed and be a team player as much as you can. Keep a diary of challenges and successes as a team player because every interaction can be a lesson in how to improve your skills.

You are a unique person with skills and talents that only you can bring to your future career. Developing your skills as a researcher, idea maker, team player, and leader will certainly pay off as you advance in your career!

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