College Life can be a Piece of Cake with these Free Apps

College Life can be a Piece of Cake with these Free Apps

Every time you pass by a local college like LA ORT, you are reminded about how much you want to get that college education. At the same time you are questioning and doubting yourself if you would be able to juggle the busy workload of attending classes, doing homework, studying for exams, socializing with friends and family, additionally that part-time job in the evening. Yes, we know it’s manageable and we have the solution for you right here: use your phone and get these free apps!

  • Scheduling tasks: Staying organized amongst the numerous projects is a big challenge and keeping track of everything in your head or on a sheet of paper is almost impossible. With Wunderlist you can create simple to-do tasks and check them off as you get your things ready. Keep track of upcoming due dates with MyHomework.
  • Study help: Don’t waste time on writing out each flashcard. Using StudyBlue you can create your own set of flashcards, which will automatically turn into quizzes and get you prepped for that upcoming test. Alternatively, you can also look up flashcards other students have made and shared.
  • Note Taking: Sometimes the teacher just speaks way too fast and your hand hurts from copying everything down. The solution is Dragon, where your phone copies down all the words for you.
  • Homework Resources for Group Projects: Working together in a group project can be stressful, especially if everyone has different timelines and lives scattered across the city. With Google Drive and Pocket sharing work files is easy and ensures that every team member is up-to-date with the latest documents and presentations.

While there is no app that studies for you yet and certain times like exams can be more stressful than others, this should not discourage you. LA ORT teachers will always do their best to help students learn while in class, and also with their school work by providing relevant resources and tips.

Now, there is clearly no more reason for you to hold off the dream of getting an education. LA ORT College offers affordable programs of trending career fields that are in high demand. All programs are short term and will provide you with all of the necessary tools and information to excel in your career. Contact one of our colleges in Los Angeles near you and find how our student services and financial aid can help you accelerate your career. ORT offers many programs and mentoring that opens the doors to your dream job.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.