College Made Easy: Take Advantage of These Study Resources

College Made Easy: Take Advantage of These Study Resources

Are you feeling like you need a new start? Did all those New Year resolutions fade away? And you cannot hold on to a job for more than a year? For the majority of us, the most important change we want is in our career. But how do we land a good paying and secure employment? The answer is simpler than you think: get a college education and degree!

Employers are always impressed when you list your education on your resume. Your education shows you are goal oriented and committed to advancement into a career. An earned educational degree shows that you have reached a specific level of proficiency and skill in your intended career. But for many people, going to college means juggling a job, a family, and many other. That can certainly be overwhelming! But there are colleges that have made the transition to a secure career so much easier, like the ORT colleges in Los Angeles.

LA ORT College focuses on teaching you what you need for a specific career like business administration, healthcare or technology. Many of these programs have class schedules to work around your current work schedule. But I know what you’re thinking, “I can fit in classes, but I’ll never have time to study.” Not true! You can start an education right now by going to LA ORT and taking advantage of resources that help you study and excel in going back to school. Here is how:

Get help from teachers and classmates

Just like scheduling your classes, you need to schedule your study time, and that can be tough by yourself. Find out how your college can help you study by talking to teachers and classmates. At LA ORT College, you can schedule time with teachers by talking to them after class or seeing them during office hours. Your teachers are mentors and cheerleaders. They will boost your spirits as well as your studies. Also, study partners and study groups are often available simply by reaching out to classmates. Get involved with these groups and learn, learn, learn!

Find a place to study on campuslos angeles junior college made easy

Don’t get distracted by your surrounding. A TV room or a busy common area in your house may not be helpful for you to study. So find a quiet place away from distractions like TVs and games. There are many great places to study, indoors or outdoors, so explore a few on campus. The LA ORT college campus offers a few places you can study without life’s distractions. You can try the career and learning resource center, student lounge, or simply sit down in an empty classroom – all are designed to make your study environment productive. In addition, the learning resource center is also full of great resources to help you beyond the books you have and you can get advice from our career counselors.

Studied well this week? Reward yourself!

Developing good study habits is not easy, so when you do well, give yourself something good. When you’ve done a solid hour or so of focused study or you’ve completed a tough chapter in a textbook, take a break and give yourself a treat. You don’t have to go far from either of the two LA ORT campuses, Van Nuys or Wilshire, to enjoy a bite at one of LA’s great eateries.

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to go back to school. There is a way to fit everything in and still have time for family and friends. And the discipline you use to complete your education is the same discipline that you can use at work. With the skills you learn and the habits you use, you will get that new job or promotion. So what are you waiting for? Get a degree! Get that new life!

Ready for a new start with a college degree? Get started on one of the many popular careers an ORT college in Los Angeles near you offers. The programs are short term, easy to schedule, and will provide you with all of the tools for success. Contact one of our colleges in Los Angeles near you today and you’ll find all kinds of student services and financial aid at the ORT colleges in Los Angeles. From design and pharmacy to business, ORT offers many programs opening the doors to your dream job.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.