Degrees for (Some of) the Best Jobs of 2012

Recently, the US News and World Report publication released their findings on the best jobs of 2012.  To determine their list they look at not only what career fields are predicted to grow as decided by the United States Department of Labor, but also take into account other findings by independent organizations.  These other statistics include how satisfied people are with their jobs as well as the salaries they earn.  
Out of their top 10 choices, Los Angeles ORT College has 7 programs that provide degrees in or related to these areas.  Some of the more prominent careers were in the medical and the computer technology fields.  
Careers in the technology field:
  •  Computer Programmer – People who are currently working in this field are generally satisfied with their jobs, and the salary and job potential both ranked well.
  • Web Developer – Some people think this field requires a Bachelor’s degree, but that is false.  People can move into this career with some solid training and certain certifications.
  • Software Developer – There is huge opportunity for growth and advancement in this field, and hands-on training is highly recommended for those looking to pursue a career as a software developer. 
Programs we have that may help get your foot in the door for one of these careers:
  • Digital Media – This degree will prepare you for the world of digital publishing and some graphic design. 
  • Computer Graphics – Students of this major will learn how to work on web design and desktop publishing, among other things. 
  • Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) – Though the CADD program is more for learning how to create drafts and models on the computer, this knowledge can be applied to many fields not limited to the technological world, like architecture, mapping, and others.
 Careers in the medical field:
  • Pharmacist – Becoming a pharmacist takes years of schooling and training, but ORT has a Pharmacy Technician program that you can take which will put you in the pharmacy field, and should you choose to pursue a career as a Pharmacist you can further your academic studies.
  • Medical Assistant – It is recommended that those who choose this career path enroll in a vocational college in order to give them an edge over the competition.  This position also allows people to venture into other, more specific fields of medicine.  LA ORT offers a degree specifically for this field.
LA ORT offers these medical programs which are related to or in these fields:
  • Medical Office Specialist – Some of the skills this program will teach you is how to read medical coding, handle medical records, medical billing, and prepare you to work for any number of health care facilities.
  • Medical Office Management – This degree is similar to our medical office specialist program, but it will give you a more in-depth education in the medical field and also prepare you for management positions in this area.
In the current economic state that the US is in, it is important to pay attention to what careers are still hiring and growing for the foreseeable future, and to choose your major wisely.  At LA ORT College, you will receive the knowledge and training that will allow you to move directly and confidently into your field of choice.    
For more information about these programs and to see others that are offered at Los Angeles ORT College, please visit our website or contact us at our Van Nuys or Los Angeles campus.
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