Determination, Desire, and Discipline: The Three D’s

Gaby, ORT’s Community
Outreach Representative

Gaby Hernandez was already employed as a tutor before she made the decision to attend Los Angeles ORT College. “I wanted to change professions,” Gaby asserts matter-of-factly, a statement that is often easier said than done. As most of us know, changing professions often requires new training and new education, but the payoff for a position that is enjoyable is always worth the effort. Gaby understood this when she enrolled in LA ORT’s Business Management program.

Gaby dove into the coursework for the program right away, loving the business presentations and virtual companies she was expected to create. Participants of this program earn an Associate’s degree of Applied Science that emphasizes accounting, relevant law, computer skills, and business procedures. In just 12 months, Gaby was able to complete the program and the benefits were clearly evident. “I feel more prepared, I analyze business aspects when opportunities are offered, and I also have seen that I am more confident when making a presentation,” Gaby explains.

Shortly after graduation, Gaby was contacted by ORT, but this time for an interview. They wanted to hire Gaby as a community outreach representative for their admissions department. Now an employee of ORT, Gaby loves the opportunity they have given her to reach out to the community, giving presentations about what the school has to offer. Gaby’s goal now is, “to let others know that if you’re determined, your life can change in as little as 8 months or 12 months.” She advises that if all students remember the three D’s: Determination, Desire and Discipline, any accomplishment is possible.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.