Discover Your Learning Style for Faster Learning

Discover Your Learning Style for Faster Learning

Believe it or not, there are different ways to learn a subject. Some methods may be easier for you, and some methods may take more effort. If you are going to school, you want to find the easiest and fastest way to learn.

But what is the best way to study the daily lessons?

While some students prefer to prepare their own flashcards before studying, others may prefer to rewrite entire lesson plans to better understand the material. At career colleges such as LA ORT, students are encouraged to explore different learning styles and use the learning materials that help them best.

Let’s look at some of the most popular methods you can use to maximize learning. Knowing which learning style is best for you will help in your education and your career.

If You’re a Vivisual learning LA ORTsual Learner…

This means that you understand information much faster when it is presented in the form of texts, images, and videos. Therefore, you should write out lesson summaries, draw diagrams and infographics, and use flashcards. You can also try to rewrite lessons and use different colors to highlight important information.

If You’re an Auditory Learner…

You easily remember information when you hear it. This means that you should repeat lessons aloud, listen to recorded lectures, and attend as many lectures as possible. You can also maximize learning by using rhythm and music while studying – playing sounds in the background as you learn, for example.

If You’re a Verbal Learner…

As the name implies, you are good with words, whether written or spoken. If you enjoy using complex language to express yourself, the best learning strategy for you might be to combine speech and writing while learning. Basically, you can combine both visual and auditory learning methods to learn better.

If You’re a Hands-On Learner…                  

You achieve the best results when given the opportunity to practice the subject. This method is called physical, or tactile learning, and it allows the student to practice something instead of just passively hearing it or viewing it through lectures. Renowned career colleges such as LA ORT use this strategy to enable learning and help students gain a better understanding of what their future jobs will look like.

If You’re a Logical Learner…

There’s a good chance that you enjoy math and logical thinking exercises. This means you can easily retain information by organizing and connecting learning concepts. Most logical learners can memorize information as soon as they understand the subject matter.

Social and Solitary Learners…

career college learning preference

Social learners usually have amazing people skills. They can look at one situation from different angles, and often become the group leaders in school and work environments. If you’ve always been a fan of teamwork, you should consider organizing study groups with your peers. LA ORT encourages teamwork as a means of showing students that the combined efforts of the group can give outstanding results. This also prepares students for their future work environment, where they will cooperate with their coworkers on a day-to-day basis.

As for solitary learners, they dislike the very idea of learning in groups. If you prefer learning or working alone, chances are that you are a solitary learner. While this learning style has many benefits, solitary learning has one major drawback – you can spend too much time trying to solve a problem that could have easily been solved with the help of other people.

Studying at LA ORT

We here at LA ORT career college are proud to encourage our students to identify and use the best learning style for them. If you have any questions for us about our programs or how we promote various learning strategies, give us a call at (800) 998-2678 or visit We are happy to offer both assistance and guidance.



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