Create Your Own Career Opportunities Part One

Create Your Own Career Opportunities Part One

If you have reached that point in your life when you are wondering what the future holds for you, you are probably considering your career options as well.

While some people could be afraid of quiting the one job they had most of their lives, others want to explore their options. Of course, career advancement opportunities don’t just fall from the sky, but the truth is that you have more alternatives that you can imagine.

It may not seem like it now, but you can create your own career advancement opportunities. There are several steps you can take to build a career you’ve always wanted to have; they might require some effort on your part, but they are certainly worth it.

Get to Know Yourself

Whether you are stuck at a job that offers no advancement opportunities or simply want to climb the career ladder – with your current employer or a new one – take the time you need to thoroughly assess yourself.

Self-assessment can help you gain a better understanding of the skills and knowledge you both have and lack. Being honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses is an invaluable part of career building because only when you become aware of your weaknesses and your strengths you can objectively come up with options that utilizes your strengths rather than your weaknesses towards a path to success.

Finally, putting things into perspective can help you set career goals and determine how to reach them.

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Focus on What You Love

Like so many people, you might also be worried about changing careers and start something new. This is a rightful concern, but just imagine spending the rest of your life doing something you do not like or you are not passionate about.

You might think that it is difficult to have the job that you like, but you can’t know this unless you try. Put differently, when considering career advancement opportunities, focus on what you love. This can also give you the boost you need to make some radical changes in your life such as pursuing a college degree or going back to school to learn a specific skill that can help you land that dream job.


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Work Hard to Make It Happen

With the growing demand for qualified workforce, there are plenty of opportunities for people who strive for knowledge. Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to have an expensive and lengthy higher education degree to expand your knowledge and build a successful career.

Instead of spending a fortune on obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you can acquire an Associate degree on fast track and begin opening up career advancement opportunities for yourself.

By choosing a meaningful education that will prepare you for the challenges your future career, you will be well on your way to opening the doors to a secure future.

We here at LA ORT can help you expand your knowledge and gain the necessary skills you need to create exciting career opportunities. Give us a call at (800) 998-2678 to find out how we can help you embark on your new career path.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.