Effective Job Search using LinkedIn

Effective Job Search using LinkedIn

After graduating from school and moving into the workforce, social media can be a way for potential employers to get to know us. When entering the job market, it’s important to work on online personal branding. Here are key points in polishing your online presence and making social media work for you in landing the job you are looking for.

  • Keep your personal accounts and professional accounts separate. Unprofessional content can be perceived negatively, and decreases your chances of employment. It’s better to put your “best face” forward as you create and maintain your professional account.
  • Make LinkedIn your extreme resume. Because LinkedIn is specifically created for networking and finding work, it is important to focus much of your energy on your LinkedIn profile and presence. Start with a strong headline and detailed bio. Then, ask people you have worked and volunteered with for recommendations. With recommendations and a solid list of group memberships, your LinkedIn profile reflects not only your work history, but also a trail of testimonies positively reinforcing your skills.
  • Know thyself. Job seekers should practice searching online to view what future employers see. You may be surprised what exists on the internet. Find ways to take down photos and posts that make you look unprofessional.
  • Network. Join professional groups and connect with people you meet at networking events via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Answer questions and join discussions that show what you know and what you are learning in your field.
  • Research the job market and apply for work. Students and recent grads can use the LinkedIn Student Job Portal to find job openings. This is only the beginning of the wealth of opportunities that can be found. Facebook can even be a source of job leads if you keep your profile clear of personal friends and focus your feed on job related posts.
  • Keep doing new things and updating your profiles. Use status updates and edits to consistently stay visible with your connections. Update your pages with information that relates to the industry you’ve taken interest in.
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