English Fluency is the Key to Earning More Money

English Fluency is the Key to Earning More Money

If you are a professional who recently immigrated to the United States, you may be wondering how to earn more money. Being able to speak, read, write, and listen to English will boost your earning potential significantly. If it seems too good to be true, keep reading to see the proof.

English Fluency Correlates to Higher Rates of Employment

If you live in America, there is a clear need to speak English for employment. Studies have found that “those with the lowest English-speaking ability had the lowest employment rate [and the] lowest rate of full-time employment.” Those who do not communicate in English fluently are less likely to be employed full-time in the US. The study also found “people who spoke English ‘very well’ almost always had a higher percentage employed [and] a higher percentage working full time.” You may already be a professional in your field however, if you cannot speak fluent English, you may not be reaching your full potential.

English Fluency Means Higher Wages

So, if English is required for business and there is a clear correlation between English fluency and employment, then we can conclude English fluency also means making more money. Forbes reports, “Hourly wages are on average 34% higher for workers who speak fluent English and 13% higher for workers who speak a little English relative to workers who speak no English.” Did you catch that last bit? Just speaking a little bit better English leads to earning 13% more than those who speak no English! You can increase your earning potential and better succeed in your career by taking the time to study English.

LA ORT Helps Students Learning English and Boost Their Earning Potential

LA ORT understands the necessity of English fluency for your career. If you want to boost your earning potential, enroll in LA ORT’s English as a Second Language program. If money is a problem, contact us. LA ORT offers ESL at no cost for immigrants with Green Cards and US Citizens who are low income. Visit www.LAORT.edu or call (800) 998-2678 to see how LA ORT can help you learn English and improve your future.