Evening Track at ORT Offers Job Opportunity and Flexibility

The Medical Office Management Program is one of Los Angeles ORT’s most popular courses.  Graduates of this program receive an Associate of Applied Science degree and become equipped with the skills to work in a medical setting. Students learn front and back office procedures, medical billing and coding, and clinical skills. Evening track students will delve into anatomy and physiology courses, and finish the program in 19 months, with an externship to practice their skills. Los Angeles ORT College already offers a day program, but because of the high demand they have recently added a night track as well.
The evening track at ORT is a great alternative for working individuals. Not all students can afford to take time off to attend school, but the flexibility that night classes offer can be the solution.  At ORT, the evening Medical Office Management program runs Monday through Thursday, from 6-10 PM, giving individuals the chance to work during the day or on weekends. Another perk of ORT, is that unlike state run or community colleges, there is no risk of course cancellation.  Students enrolled at ORT are given the promise of a firm completion date, as long as they attend their classes. 
Not only will students of this program earn a degree, but they will be learning skills that are projected to be in high demand in the current and future job market. According to the US department of Labor, a 30% increase, or 4,700,000 new jobs, in health care related fields are expected over the next year. In particular, health care managerial positions are projected to increase by 22%. These statistics paint a very positive outlook for anyone thinking about entering the medical field. Credit can be given to Obama’s new health care policies, as well as an aging baby boomer generation. But no matter the reasoning, job analysts across the board are labeling the health care industry as one of the top growing job markets over the next 10 years.
With this degree, students are not limited to just one type of medical office. Graduates of this program have been known to work in large hospitals, health care maintenance organizations, clinics, or specialized practices. Students can choose to apply to the field that interests them the most and get started on a successful career.
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LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.