Finding Success After Graduation: Victoria Suarez

Finding Success After Graduation: Victoria Suarez

Victoria Suarez not only graduated from LA ORT College with an AAS Degree in Accounting. but also as a Valedictorian of her class. From the way her journey began at LA ORT, it’s easy to see how someone as determined and detail-oriented as her was able get A’s in every course she took. “I shopped and compared several schools. The pros and cons ….I had a lot of questions like, what course to take, the skills I will develop, the benefits…After comparing everything, LA ORT College was the best choice.” She additionally cites the quick programs that LA ORT offers as another big reason for her choice. “I chose LAORT College because they offered this program that will only take a little over a year.”
            Victoria also did extensive research into her field of accounting, “I chose that program because there are more jobs available for that field, and not everybody can do it.” Her program was a lot of work, she admits, but adds that she received the help she needed along the way, “We had lots of lessons, lots of reports, lots of everything…This program was difficult, but with Mr. Kamjoo’s style of teaching, he made it easy for us to understand.”

            Her eyes are on the prize. Victoria says her biggest life goal is to continue to learn as much as she can about the field of accounting to be the best she can be. In the future she’s planning on applying for management positions. She took the biggest first step by attending LA ORT College, “Education is the answer to the stiff competition…. I developed the skills I needed to learn to get hired.”
            She’s well on her way to achieving her goals. Since her recent graduation from LA ORT, Victoria Suarez has already been offered not one, but two great jobs with the pay rate she is looking for! She chose her favorite of the two (with much analysis and deliberation we presume) and took a job at Alkemists Pharmaceuticals Inc.
            Congratulations, Victoria! We are proud to feature you as another successful graduate of LA ORT College!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.

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