Are you a First Generation College Student?

Are you a First Generation College Student?

If you are the first in the family to go to college, you are a first generation student. Being a first generation college student can put some pressure on you, because you don’t have anyone in your family to advise you on some of the day-to-day challenges you face in college, and you can’t talk to your mom or dad about how college was like for them. But don’t worry – college is a place full of friendly people who could help you through this journey and help you succeed.

Here are some things that can help you in the beginning:

  1. Ask Questions

If you are planning to go to college you probably have a lot of questions. This is normal. No one is fully prepared for college until they get there. College is a place where you go to learn, not just things you’ll need for exams and your future job, but also things that will help you make friends and improve life skills. You just have to be open to learning and making friends. You will find going to college is a lot of fun and is a good life experience.

The best wla ort collegeay to learn anything is to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know the answer to something. Remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question. At LA ORT, as a friendly college, you can ask one of your teachers anything you want whenever you want. Even at the time of admission to LA ORT, you can ask any of the LA ORT staff about the benefits of going to a career college, or ask for help when choosing a program. In the class and during your hands-on training, you will also be encouraged to ask questions, no matter how unimportant they may seem to you.

Hands-on training is the most effective and friendly way of learning for you if you want to learn by practicing the skills that prepare you for your future job. For many students, it is a perfect approach because they can practice next to other students and teachers and get answers and guidance straight away.

  1. Use Your Network

If you would like to know more about college life and the overall college experience, use your network of friends. If some of your friends are already at college, ask them to tell you how their first day was or how to study for an exam. You can also use social media to find out more about studying at a college.

When you begin college, talk to others in your group and make new friends whenever possible. This way, you can gain a better understanding of what college is all about. Don’t forget that college friendships can also be very useful later in life, especially when you are looking for a job.

  1. Use Resources Provided by the School

la ort career college

No matter if you are a first generation student or not, you may have a lot of questions if you are going to college for the first time. LA ORT knows this – and that is why they provide students with lots of advice and learning tools before and during their studies. These resources are an excellent way to get to know the school better. We can also help you talk to your family about going to college or explain to your parents what you want to study.

LA ORT career college has many resources you can use to prepare for the college experience and finish your studies with flying colors. You can begin with LA ORT’s easy to use website,, where you will find tons of articles on admission, programs or paying for college. You can read the blog section and learn more about many topics that may interest you. If you still need help or advice, you can always reach the staff via phone at 1-(800) 998-2678 and talk to a student advisor.


LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.