Go Back to School to Learn Successful Work Habits

Go Back to School to Learn Successful Work Habits

How is it possible that the big project deadline is already tomorrow? And there are two more important assignments due later this week. You’ve always thought of yourself as an organized person but with an inbox of never-ending new emails, your boss constantly throwing new tasks your way and all those team meetings, you seem to hardly have enough time for getting your work done. Yes, dealing with interruptions can be really frustrating, particularly if there is so much work left on your plate. And usually it leads to staying extra hours after work, then rushing home just to find your partner or children complaining that you don’t spend enough time with them.

Trust me, we’ve all been in this situation. So, how do you find that balance between your time at work and home again?

The answer to this is simple: go back to school! You may wonder why adding more time, hours in classrooms and on school assignments, to your busy life could possibly have a positive effect. We won’t say that it’s going to be an easy time, especially in the beginning. But you know what? Attending a career college like LA ORT as an adult, is worth it for the following reasons:

  1. You’ll learn new marketable skills. If your skills and your familiar tools are out-of-date, it negatively affects on how fast, or rather slow, you’ll get your job done. By going back to school, you will keep up with technology that show you skills, apps, or new tools that’ll help you work smarter. At LA ORT college, you will be learning all about the latest computer programs. By using this new knowledge at work, they can get a head start and save time by working smarter.
  2. You’ll get a change in environment. Some people believe that staying in front of the computer and working for hours on end is helping you getting your work done when the truth is actually the opposite. Changing environments from office or home to classroom creates a mental reset that helps you refresh your brain.
  3. You’ll create a new network. Through classes and study groups you will create a network that you can use for support and help, even outside of your school environment. So if you have a specific problem at work, you can bring it to the study group. Sometimes an outsider’s view can bring in a much needed new idea or solution that you or your work colleagues have been struggling with for several weeks already.
  4. You’ll learn how to create a schedule and stick with it. After a few weeks of doing something with routine and regularity, this habit will become a natural part of how you work. Teachers and classmates can give you valuable advice on how to multi-task or share examples from their own experience.

career college degree in los angelesCollege is really a place for us to learn successful habits. And it’s never too late to get back and go to school. You will soon see a new flow of motivation, and the feedback from bosses and colleagues will improve. So learn new skills, get a change in environment, get a support group, and create a new schedule for yourself – become successful!

Learning marketable skills and developing positive work habits is an essential tool in moving forward to career success, a supportive work community and a healthy lifestyle. If you want to get productive with a job you love, get started on one of the many popular career programs LA ORT College offers. The programs are short term, easy to schedule, and will provide you with all of the tools for a life you love to have!For LA ORT students and graduates, all the above comes at no additional cost. Contact one of our colleges in Los Angeles near you today and you’ll find all kinds of student services and financial aid at the ORT colleges in Los Angeles. From design and pharmacy to business, ORT offers many programs opening the doors to your dream job.

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