Graduate Profile: Sandra Presley

Graduate Profile: Sandra Presley

“I value my experience at ORT College and I will always give back to my college any way that I can to inspire other students.”-Sandra Presley

We had the chance to catch up with one of our graduates recently and we’re so glad to hear about what she’s been up to we thought we’d share it with you! A graduate of the Digital Graphic Design program (now our Degree in Digital Media), Sandra Presley took some time out of her very busy schedule to answer a few questions about her experience at LA ORT and afterwards.

ORT: What have you been doing since graduation?

“I’ve had great freelance jobs with a few top companies since I graduated and I have had a foot in design circles where I’ve made useful connections.”

ort trade schools in los angeles digital media studentSome of the great design work Sandra has done. You can find more of her work at

“I currently work for the Friedman Agency, and my full-time job assignment is exclusively with Universal Music Group. UMG is the global music leader with strong market positions in recorded music, music publishing and merchandising. The company discovers and develops recording artists and then markets and promotes their music across a wide array of formats and platforms. A few of their record labels include Capitol Records, EMI Records and Geffen Records.”

ORT: Why did you choose to go to ORT College?

“At ORT College, there is a very creative environment, small classes and top facilities. Especially important to me was the up-to-date computer design software on Mac computers.And I loved that the college is located in the heart of a great city!”

ORT: How was your experience with the people there, like the teachers, staff and other students?

“There are open-minded people from all around the world at ORT College. I learned from other students, because they were kind in sharing their art and design knowledge.”

“The instructor I had was Mr. Jimmy Lopez. He was truly amazing! He would go the extra mile to give the class a lot more than just what the college required of him. He gave me excellent career preparation that helped me to become the successful designer that I am today. I still use what I learned at ORT College today.”

“The administration was very well organized. They all made it possible for me to take classes that I really needed with no problems and the staff was always very helpful and professional.”

ort career colleges in los angeles, californiaORT: Finally, do you have any advice or comments for other people that may be considering LA ORT College?

“If you want to make a career out of art, digital graphics or design, you must go to ORT College.There is a lot to learn about digital graphics, web design and media, and this college will prepare you to get a good-paying job. You participate in great workshops and the lectures in the digital graphics department are informative. For those who are very skilled self-taught artists/designers, they sometimes have one large weakness: the fact that they received no education.”

“People investing in attending design college typically don’t have to worry about ending up jobless. I highly recommend ORT College for everyone.”

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.