Growing Healthcare Industry… Are You Part of It?

Growing Healthcare Industry… Are You Part of It?

  • Are you looking for a new career? If you love helping people, you might want to consider joining the booming healthcare industry. There are many opportunities for employment, and the long term projection of the industry is looking brighter. Check out our short list of facts about the healthcare job market.

    1. Healthcare job posts on Indeed increased 35% since October 2014. As healthcare jobs keep opening up, the need for qualified candidates grows larger and larger.

    2. The top five job titles listed were Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician Trainee, Medical Receptionist, Registered Nurse, and Dental Assistant. This means these jobs had more openings than any other healthcare positions. Qualified candidates in these areas are in very high demand right now.

    3. Los Angeles is #5 in the country for most healthcare job openings on Indeed. With the right education and training under your belt, finding a job in LA could be a breeze.

    4. Medical assistant is predicted to be two of the most highly demanded jobs in 2020. As many as 312,000 new jobs could be created over the next decade, and employers will be searching for qualified candidates to fill these job openings.

    5. According to a recent survey, “demand for healthcare services is predicted to swell in the next ten years, driven by an aging baby boomer population and increased access to healthcare for all Americans through the Affordable Care Act.” This means new employees will be needed to meet the rise in demand for services.

    With so much opportunity in today’s job market, it’s an exciting time to be in the healthcare industry. Interested in earning the education you need to start your new healthcare career? Contact one of our colleges in Los Angeles or Van Nuys. We offer many student services and financial aid packages that can help you find your dream job. LA ORT has programs from business and digital media to medical office management and pharmacy technology administration.

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