Not happy at work? Train for the Career of Your Choice at LA ORT

Not happy at work? Train for the Career of Your Choice at LA ORT

Are you unhappy at work? Do you feel like you aren’t being paid enough for how hard you work? Can you remember the last time you got a raise? Are you getting passed over for higher positions? Your answers to these questions may show that you are in the wrong job. If so, we have good news. Your current job does not have to be a lifelong career. You can make a change, and LA ORT can help you make it happen.

dead end job

What is a Dead End Job?

A dead-end job is one where you cannot advance in your career, and you likely won’t earn much more money than you already are making. You are stuck in your position, doing the same thing every day, and there is no room for growth. If you are unsure if your current job qualifies as a dead end job, think about the following.

Dead end jobs offer no advancement opportunities or higher pay.

Dead end jobs leave the employees feeling like the only way up is to get out.

Dead end jobs may mean people are being replaced by technology.

Dead end jobs do not value the individual employee.

Choose a Fulfilling Career Path

No one wants to be stuck in a job with no future! You deserve to enjoy what you are doing, have a secure employment, and have a path to advancement. Now that you looked at your current job and determined you are stuck, it is time to make a positive, healthy career change. Don’t worry! According to BLS, people change jobs an average of 11.9 times during his or her career.

You have learned your lesson. You want a career that will fulfill you. As you consider careers, use these tips to guide you:

Look for a career that shows your strengths.

Find in-demand careers. For example, health-care professions top the list of in-demand jobs for 2019.

Establish a clear career path and set career goals.

Find careers that offer growth opportunities and pay raises.

LA ORT Offers Programs for the Most In-Demand Careers

LA ORT’s goal is to help students find careers, which is why they offer programs for the most in-demand careers. For instance, since healthcare careers are booming, they offer programs in the healthcare industry, such as medical office management, pharmacy technology administration, medical and clinical assistant, and phlebotomy. But that’s not all! LA ORT also has a wide range of programs that will help students start good paying careers rather than jobs that make them feel stuck. In addition to LA ORT’s healthcare programs, they also offer programs in Business and Technology.

If you are ready to learn something new and pursue your career of choice, visit or contact LA ORT at (800) 998-2678 today!