Have You Thought of a Career in CADD?

Have You Thought of a Career in CADD?

Have you ever stood on a sidewalk and looked up at a high-rise? Or watched a rocket take off at Cape Canaveral? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be part of the team who drafted that building’s blueprints or designed that rocket? What a dream! But for some it isn’t a dream, it’s the reality. And it can be your reality! Drafting is a little known career, but its application is very much in demand in many of our modern industries. You can help create some of the extraordinary objects we use and see in our life by applying the principles and knowledge of Computer Aided Drafting and Design, otherwise known as CADD, or CAD.

Manufacturing, architecture and engineering now use computers to design and create everything from household products to roller coasters. By becoming a CAD designer, you can create technical drawings that help design those products. But you need some very special training to start and enter this rewarding career.

To become a skilled CAD Designer you need to learn how to draft different engineering plans with the latest computer drafting programs. You’ll also need to learn the specific types of drafting: mechanical engineering, architectural, interior design, and electrical/electronics drafting to broaden your opportunities and knowledge. LA ORT’s CADD program offers the opportunity to learn all those skills, as well as knowledge of Construction Print Reading, Industrial Print Reading, Portfolio Design, and Technical Writing & Composition to really round out your education.

And LA ORT doesn’t stop at CADD training. They also help you with starting and advancing in this career! You will not only get a solid foundation as a CAD designer, you will be able to learn where and how to look for the career that’s perfect for you. The type of environment you end up in is really up to you, because you can take your skills as a CAD designer to a huge manufacturer or a tiny boutique firm. Some graduates even go into business for themselves as CAD design consultants. The possibilities are endless!

The requirement to get into the program is to hold a high school diploma or equivalent. That is all it takes to open the doors into this growing field. If you are on the hunt for an exciting career in a booming industry like CADD, getting started is only a click away. Every day, LA ORT graduates land rewarding jobs in the hottest industries. So get on the fast-track to success at an ORT college in Los Angeles near you! All LA ORT programs are short term and easy to schedule around your busy lifestyle. For more information about becoming a CAD designer contact one of our colleges in Los Angeles near you today and you’ll find all kinds of student services and financial aid at the ORT colleges in Los Angeles.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.