Healthcare Industry Recession Proof

healthcare jobs training at trade schools in los angelesHealthcare Jobs on the Rise

In an economy where everyone is focusing on the decrease of jobs and the increase of unemployment, there is one industry that continues to thrive; the healthcare industry. No matter how you look at it, the medical field is always in demand. However, there are several contributing factors that solidify rapid growth for potential healthcare employees.

The changes President Obama has made to the healthcare industry serve as one of the biggest influences in its employment increase. With the upholding of the federal healthcare law, as well as mandated health insurance, AOL estimates up to 30 million new patients to be introduced into the healthcare system. That is an overwhelming increase on an already overworked system and can mean only one thing; new jobs are absolutely necessary!

In addition to policy changes, the growing population of baby boomers plays a factor in the surge of healthcare jobs. It is expected that the 55 and older demographic will increase by 20 million over the next few years. This growing number of aging patients will need quality healthcare, almost guaranteeing a recession proof industry.

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While other businesses struggle to bounce back from their economic woes, the healthcare industry is already seeing positive growth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth seen in recent months is largely credited to medical related jobs. In fact, out of the 20 fastest developing occupations, half of them are healthcare related. The majority of these positions consist of typical healthcare professionals, such as nurses and medical assistants, but there is also an increase in IT related jobs. With more patients come more files, and thus a need for database and systems administers. So whatever your career goals, there is a possibility the healthcare industry will be a part of your occupational future.

LA ORT offers the following active programs in healthcare: Medical Office Management, Medical Assistant and Pharmacy Technician. If you are still undecided about your future career, call one of the LA ORT’s Admission Advisors and they will assist you on how to take advantage of the growth in this industry.

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