High Paying Careers for Junior College Graduates

High Paying Careers for Junior College Graduates

No matter if you’re considering going to a university, junior college, or currently pursuing a degree, everyone knows that getting a college degree is pretty much vital if you want to score a good paying career. Nearly all junior college graduates make twice as much than those who don’t have college degrees. Perhaps you want a high paying career, but you’re still undecided about what field of study to pick. We totally understand. This is why we’ve gathered together a list of the hottest careers for college graduates.

Web Designer

web designer degree los angelesA web designer is one of the hottest careers on the market. There is always a need for web developers, so this is pretty much a career that will stand the test of time. Employers always need people to meet the demands of the ever-evolving online and internet market. As a web designer, you may work for agencies, publishing companies, advertising agencies, print shops or any other number of businesses that provide desktop publishing or computer graphics services.

Administration Services Manager

A degree in business management can get you a rewarding career working as an administration services manager. Your tasks will vary from day to day. But the main duty of this job is to ensure that a business is being run smoothly. Some of your responsibilities will include planning work spaces and scheduling, creating contracts, updating office equipment as needed, directing staff members, and overseeing a number of other tasks within the facility you work for. Those who excel in this field are natural leaders with a passion for business and organization.

los angeles college accounting degreeAccountant and Bookkeeper

If you love numbers and focusing on the details, then a job as an accountant or bookkeeper may be just the career for you. A typical day of an accountant depends on one’s level of experience. Fresh out of college, accountants are responsible for gathering financial data, creating spreadsheets about payroll, audits, taxes, and other financial assets. A senior accountant is responsible for taking the collected data, and developing an informed opinion and recommendation about long-term liabilities, company assets, depreciation, investments, and crucial cash flow. The life of an account is diverse and crucial to any company which is why they are always in-demand. Your long-term career and financial independence may be as an accountant.

Medical Office Manager

medical office manager degree los angeles collegeThose who like taking care of people and crunching numbers will find a lot of joy in working as a medical office manager. A medical office manager’s main duties including creating and maintaining records, overseeing office procedures, guaranteeing billing is managed, and making sure that these facilities are in compliance with state and federal regulations. This is a career that will never go out of business, so you can expect great job security working in the healthcare industry. You will be the backbone of all the doctors and nurses in any hospital or clinic you work at.

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