Holiday Season Tough on Temporary Employees

The holiday shopping season official starts this Friday. Thousands of shoppers will storm the malls hoping to put a dent in their ever-growing shopping lists and take advantage of the Black Friday sales. This expected rise in store traffic means two things for employers: a much awaited increase in revenue and the need to hire temporary help.
With so many people unemployed this year, many are jumping at the opportunity to have any kind of work at all. Over the last couple of months, businesses have begun to advertise job openings, and big chains have already started the hiring process. USA Today estimates that between the six major retailers, like Kohl’s and Wal-Mart, over 300,000 people will be hired on a temporary basis. Out of desperation to keep up with the seasonal demands, thousands of people will be needed in all areas; retail, hospitality, customer service, shipping, and sales. While there are certainly pro’s to these seasonal jobs, such as extra income and additional work experience, there is also a down side. These jobs rarely move into something permanent and come to an abrupt end right after the holidays.
Last year Fox News reported a drastic rise in unemployment claims by the middle of January. Expert economists say this is a normal trend and lay-offs always skyrocket in the first half of the New Year. This employment roller coaster leaves laid-off workers feeling frustrated, hopeless and financially unstable. They become elated to have any job at all and start to become accustom to a regular paycheck. This false sense of security makes the inevitable lay-off that much harder.
In order to prevent the feast and famine mentality, career training schools like Los Angeles ORT College work to prepare their students with skills that are needed year-round by employers. In less than a year, one can become proficiently trained in the career field of their choice, allowing them the possibility of a steady job they will enjoy. In addition, ORT always works hard to help graduates find a job right away. The ORT Career Placement Center has invaluable connections and resources at their disposal to help students achieve the career goals they have been working towards and gain fulfilling, permanent employment.

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