How Facebook Can Help You Get a Job

How Facebook Can Help You Get a Job

Don’t you love Facebook and other types of social media? We sure do! At ORT College, we like to use lots of different websites to help you learn more about all the great educational opportunities and news at ORT College as well as help you succeed after graduation!

The ORT College Blog, Facebook, Twitter feed and Youtube videos are all focused on helping you advance your education and career. With millions of people worldwide logging in to social media services, we can share all kinds of wonderful photographs, stories and thoughts with our friends, family and more.

A Good First Impression Starts Before Your Interviewsocial media at ort junior colleges in los angeles california

Social media presents many new ways to help you land a great job after graduation, but it can create some problems, too. Did you know that after receiving a resume or job application, most employers check your Facebook profile to learn more about you? There’s nothing wrong with having a great time out with your friends, but be careful not to post too many photos from the nightclub.

  • Imagine your social media accounts as the first part of a job interview. Would you want to tell your future boss about your favorite cocktail, or about your education and experience?
  • If you are worried about employers learning more about you than you want, you can change any Facebook account to “Private” in the Account Settings, blocking access to everyone except your Facebook Friends.
  • However, you can also choose to make only certain posts and photos private. This allows you to post what you want, without blocking employers.

Try sharing helpful links about news in your industry, posting intelligent comments on company pages or on their Twitter feed, and show off how much you know!

career colleges ortBuild a Network and Link In!

Most social media sites focus on connecting to new friends and having fun, but the site LinkedIn is designed specifically to help you get a job and advance your career. Posting your resume to LinkedIn gives you the chance to create interest in your skills and can even help you connect with great employers you were unaware of.

  • Companies can search LinkedIn profiles based on skills and experience, so you can apply for jobs 24 hours a day.
  • Not only can you interact with companies, you can also build a network of people with jobs similar to yours.
  • Engaging with others in your industry helps draw attention to your skills and can lead to future job offerings and other advantages.

Don’t Just Tweet About It, Do It!

Of course, social media alone will not help you advance your career; you need an education and resume ready to impress. At ORT College, we want to help you learn all the skills you’ll need to land a job in many growing industries with our wide range of Associate’s degrees. Contact us today to learn more, new classes are starting all the time!

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