How to Decide on a Major

Choosing a major in college is not an easy task for many.  For those of us who do not already have a solid idea of what career or field of work we would like to be involved in, deciding on a major can be very daunting and confusing.  Some people grow up knowing they would like to work in the medical field or on computers, but for others the choice is not as simple.  So if you are one of those who are confused about what to pick as your major, consider a few things.


What Are Your Passions or Interests?

Not everybody chooses a career they are passionate about, but considering what you are interested in or what you are good at may give you a good jumping off point in picking a major. Think about your strengths and weaknesses.  Do you enjoy dealing with people?  Are you fast at typing?

If you enjoy helping people or are interested in medicine or health, then a career in the medical field may be your best bet.  Los Angeles ORT College offers these degree programs:LA ORT trade schools in los angeles and van nuys

Medical Office Management

Medical Assistant

Medical Office Specialist

Pharmacy Technician


If you would prefer to work with numbers or in the field of business, then you might be interested in one of these majors:

Admin Assistant


Business Management


Computers have become a vital part of global society today, from the internet to designing buildings computers are part of our everyday lives.  If you enjoy working with computers and would like to pursue a career that heavily involves them, you may want to check out our degrees in these fields:accounting degree at LA ORT trade schools in los angeles and van nuys

Digital Media

Computer Graphics

Computer Aided Design and Drafting


Research Your Options

So now you know what you are good at or are interested in, but have you thought about what the actual job will be like once you finish school and start your career?  Learning about computers and spending your whole life working on them are two very different things. Consider these points when thinking about choosing a major:

Pay: If you search the career you are interested in, there are many websites available that can give you a rough estimate of how much you will earn yearly. Will this be enough to accommodate the type of lifestyle you lead or would like to have?

Hours:  What type of hours does the career you have chosen include?  If you have young children, then a job that requires over 40 hours a week might not be right if you would rather spend more time with your family. Some people do not mind working longs hours or nights and weekends.

Demand: How much demand is there for workers in your selected field?  If a career does not have job openings often then it may be very difficult for you to find a job after graduation.  Check state and government websites, as well as independent studies which tell what job markets are flourishing and which are flailing.

Growth: Is there room for growth and advancement in your job? Also take into account the future for the job you are considering.  In 5, 10, 15 years, will there still be a need for this profession and if so will the need be stronger than now, less, or about the same? You can research statistics and predictions for careers on the internet.

Now that you have considered all of these options, what is next? Make a pro and con list that helps you determine what the upsides and downsides are for these occupations. If you know anyone who works in these fields then contact them to find out the inner workings of these jobs to help determine if they would be right for you.

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